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    1. Cleanroom Engineering
    2. Backed by more than 10 years of experience, Jinyi offers the most suitable cleanroom solutions for our customers, including design drawing and material options based on your industry, location, and climate, as well as specific customer requirements for cleanliness and budget.
    1. Cleanroom Manufacturing
    2. We offer a wide array of panel materials, including galvanized steel sheets and rock wool sandwich, a variety of door types including automatic, manual, lead lined, fire resistant, and mute doors, and an array of cleaning units such as air showers, fan filter units.
    1. Cleanroom Installation and Maintenance
    2. We are proud of the trust customers have placed in us, backed by our expertise in cleanroom services. Our professional engineers are ready and willing to work with you to ensure all your needs have been met, and we have worked with prominent engineering...
Providing Custom Cleanrooms Based on Your Applications

Jinyi has extensive experience in providing one-stop services for modular cleanrooms and operating theaters. These pre-fabricated, cost efficient cleanrooms are easy to install and use in as little as two or three days.