1. Hospital
    2. Hospitals are just one location with strict cleanliness requirements, as all patient treatment areas, laboratories, and testing facilities must be kept exceptionally clean for patient and employee safety. All customer facing area, including outpatient areas, storage areas, and wash areas are also locations within a hospital that absolutely must remain clean to protect staff and patients.
    1. Pharmaceutical Industry
    2. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a system to ensure all products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It is designed to minimize any risks associated with pharmaceutical production that is not eliminated through testing final products. To ensure compliance with comprehensive and strict regulations, a pharmaceutical plant...
    1. Semiconductor and Electronics
    2. Cleanrooms are also needed in the production of electronics, as the production of integrated circuits, electron components, silicon, optical fibers and other electronic equipment requires a clean environment with no interference from static or electromagnetic waves, and any noxious gas that arises from production needs to be filtered out and replaced with fresh air.
    1. Laboratory
    2. Laboratories feature strict requirements for cleanliness, temperature, humidity, airflow, illumination, and self-purification. Because of this, cleanrooms used in labs ensure accurate test results, reduce pollution and cross-contamination risks, as well as protect staff and surrounding environments.
    1. Food and Beverage
    2. Clean workshops are a necessity for food and beverage production to significantly cut down on the risks of food contamination and extend food shelf lives.
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